How do you calculate my premium?

For Car Insurance we take a whole bunch of different things into account, including:

  • the insurance, driving history and age of the people who’ll be behind the wheel
  • the ins and outs of your car – from age, to make and model
  • the estimated value (includes the value of accessories and modifications) if your policy was purchased or renewed on or before 26th June 2017
  • where the car is parked day and night
  • the address where your car usually sleeps overnight
  • whether the car’s under finance
  • how many kms you travel each year
  • the car’s use (private, business or ride share / ride hail)
  • whether you choose to pay in one go or by the month
  • the cost of claims.

After that, Government taxes and charges are added to the risk premium Bingle quotes – and this amount is the premium we charge you.

If you want more info, feel free to read the Premium, Excess & Claims Guide for the policy you are interested in.


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