I can't find my car listed

If you can't find your car listed when doing a quote, it has to be one of four things:

1) Your car is an imported vehicle

Bingle does not currently offer insurance for imported vehicles, sorry! 

2) Your car is a trip-tronic automatic/part time automatic (common these days)

We find this seems to mess up the way the system finds your car. If you have a car with trip-tronic or partial auto, change the gearbox type around from automatic, manual and (if shown) other. Your car should come up then! 

3) Your car is a hybrid (part petrol motor, part electric motor)

This can also trip up the way the system finds you car. Try selecting the gearbox as 'other', your car should then show up! 

4) Your car is 35 years or older

Sorry! We cant insure cars this old. 

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