What do I do if my car has been stolen?

Car not where you left it? First off, report it to the Police. They’ll fill out a Police report and give you a copy, or provide you with an incident number. Keep it safe – you’ll need it when you report the theft to us.

Once you’ve done that, just jump over to Make A Claim. We’ll help you out with everything after that. Make sure you’ve got a copy of the incident number and if you have a copy of the police report you can attach it during lodgement.

If your car’s found within 14 days of you telling us, and we’re satisfied that it can be fixed and everything’s in order, we’ll get it repaired for you. If we still haven’t found your car after 2 weeks – and your claim’s all sorted – we’ll declare it a write-off, and pay you the amount you’re covered for, or if you’ve taken out the New for Old option we’ll replace your car with a brand new one.

The good news is that for most theft claims, the car turns up (sometimes in one piece, sometimes not). Normally you’ll get a call from the Police letting you know where you can collect it. But if you don’t feel comfortable driving your car just call a towie and let them know you’re insured with Bingle. They can let us know where your car has been towed to, and we’ll take it from there. 

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