Why has my premium changed?

Your premium will almost always be different to what you paid the year before. That’s because your car will probably be older (and so will the drivers!) and any changes you made to your policy at this renewal or during the last year will also mean your premium will change – including whether you made any claims. Bingle also regularly reviews the total costs of doing business like the costs of claims we pay, and we update our prices when there are changes to these costs or market conditions that we need to respond to.

When we update our prices most of our customers see little or no change in their premium – but some customers could see quite large decreases or increases. Either way, the premium Bingle offers you will be our best offer. And we’re really pleased to be able to say that your renewal premium will ALWAYS be lower than the premium we’d offer to a new customer with the same cover details.

Bingle has won CANSTARs award for 2017 for OUTSTANDING VALUE, as well as Money magazine’s Best of the Best for Cheapest Car Insurance for two years running – 2017 and 2016.

If you feel your policy pricing is incorrect, log into Policy Self Service and check over your vehicle details to make sure everything is accurate and complete, paying close attention to the car type, address, financial details and the drivers you have listed. 

These things all have an impact of your premium, so make sure its accurate! 

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