Help! I’ve just had an accident. What do I do?

First off, stop the car and take a deep breath.

Once you've checked that everyone’s okay, pass on your details to the other drivers – that’s your name, address, rego number and tell them you’re insured with Bingle too.

If people are seriously injured or in danger please call 000 for emergency services.

Assess the damage and if you have your phone handy take photos of the car, any damage and the scene of the accident too if that may help in explaining what happened.

Collect the the full names, address and contact numbers of any drivers involved.

You'll also need to get the registration details for any other car(s) involved, and details of the driver's insurance.

If you've damaged someone else's property (even it is isn't their car) grab their details and insurance too.

Then hop online to our claims section to make a claim. 

After that we’ll be in touch within the next 2 business days to talk you through the next steps.

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