How do I make a car insurance claim?

Claims can be stressful, so we’ve made the whole process as quick and easy as possible. You can let us know about your Claim online in just 6 easy steps, and we’ll be in touch within 2 business days to help you out.

You can also notify us of your claim on the spot using the Bingle Claims Buddy app. Once you’ve notified us, we’ll be in touch to start your claim. You can download the App on the App Store or get it on Google Play.

To start your claim online you'll need to have the following:

  1. Bingle Policy Number
  2. Details of what's happened to your vehicle
  3. Details of anyone else involved (EG other drivers or property owners)
  4. Have your credit or debit card handy to pay your excess so the claim can be lodged

Once you've told us about the claim online, here's what will happen next:

  1. We'll give you a Claim Number
  2. Our Claims Team will call you within a couple of days
  3. You can keep track of your claim by logging in to Manage your policy
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