Does Bingle offer a rental car?

When you take out a Bingle Comprehensive Car Insurance policy, you can add our Keep Mobile option for an extra premium which includes cover for a hire car and more.

Keep Mobile

If you have a bingle and your car isn’t safe to drive, is at our repairer, or has been stolen – you’ll receive our Copycat Cover. In a nutshell, this means that while we settle your claim, you'll get the same comprehensive insurance cover that we provide to your car under your policy – no matter what car you’re using in the meantime. Whether the car belongs to your mum, your mate, or a share car provider, we don’t mind. We just can’t provide Copycat Cover on a car that’s being used without the owner’s consent. But just so you know, loss or damage to the temporary ride is limited to its market value.

Need a hire car? We’ll sort that out for you – and find you some temporary wheels that look to us like a similar make and model to your car. If a doppelganger isn’t available, you can choose the nearest equivalent car from our provider, as long as there’s one available and is within a reasonable distance of your location. You can use a hire car for as long as it takes us to settle your claim. And if we can’t find you a hire car from one of our providers within a reasonable distance from your location, we’ll pay you $50 a day (including GST) to help you make your own travel arrangements. We’ll pay from when you asked us to arrange a hire car, to until we’ve settled your claim. And don’t forget - during the time you have a hire car, it’s also covered by our Copycat Cover

If you’d like to upgrade to include our Keep Mobile option on your policy you can do so when you renew by logging in to Manage Your Policy.

Please note, learner drivers are not covered to drive hire cars.


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