Why doesn't my policy come up when I log in?

Firstly, please insure the listed policy holder and the self service account are set up in the same name. If they do not match identically you will be unable to link the policy to the online account. See example images below:


View when you log in:


View on policy documentation:policy2.png


If you are receiving policy notices to an email address that you share with someone else and are unable to login – this may mean that the email is registered to the other person.

It is possible for 2 people to receive policy letters to the same email address, however only one listed policy holder can be registered to a policy self-service account per email address. The email address we send your policy letters to is different to the email address you’ll need to use to log in to our policy self-service system.

The policy holder will need to register with another email address under their details to gain access to view and manage their policy via policy self-service.

Simply click register a new email to get started.

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