What is Compulsory Third Party (CTP)/Green slip insurance cover?

CTP insurance or ‘green slip’ cover as it’s also known as in the states of New South Wales (NSW) and the Australian Capital Territory (ACT), is something all owners of registered vehicles in all states of Australia are legally required to have.

CTP covers your liability if a person is injured in an accident and you're the at-fault driver – be it for other drivers, passengers, pedestrians or cyclists. In most states this is included in your vehicle registration fees. If you’re from NSW, the ACT, the Northern Territory or Queensland you will have the option to nominate which insurer will provide your CTP cover when you register and/or pay your car registration.

Contact your state vehicle registration or road authority office for more details.

Bingle DOES NOT offer CTP insurance but don’t worry you can get in touch with AAMI or GIO for CTP insurance.

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